Mount Kidd RV Park & Campground

Mount Kidd RV Park

Canada's #1 Nature-Stay Destination
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Tools to plan youR visit

At Mount Kidd RV Park & Campground, our sites are available for reservation 90 days in advance of your arrival date.  Each morning at 10AM Mountain Time, our system automatically allows arrivals to be reserved for 90 days in to the future.


Keep in mind, the maximum duration of a reservation is 14 days.  This means that even though you wish to make a reservation to arrive on a particular day, someone else may have already booked the site you want by arriving earlier and staying past your arrival date.


Click on any date in the calendar below to see both the vacancy in the current booking window as well as when each particular date opens for booking arrivals.


Fully Available Some Bookings Half Booked Mostly Booked Fully Booked Outsite Booking Window